Fei Zhao


Dr. Zhao received his PhD in Epidemiology and Health Statistics from the School of Public Health, Fudan University.  Before joining the Ted Cohen Lab, Dr. Zhao was an Associate Research Fellow at the Clinical Trial and Research Center at Beijing Hospital working under Professor Kexin Li.    Dr. Zhao is currently a post doctorate associate and a Starlight Fellow conducting research at Yale in 2019-2020. His area of focus is public health modeling.  

While at Yale, Dr. Zhao is working on mathematical modeling to explore the probability of dynamic policies instead of static policies of active case-finding based on existing observations about the epidemic and resource availability.  He is also part of a  novel coronavirus modeling and intervention evaluation as a part of the Coronavirus Research Group in EMD.


PhDFudan University, School of Public Health, Epidemiology & Health Statistics
MSZhengzhou University, School of Public Health Epidemiology & Health Statistics
BSZhengzhou University, School of Public Health, Preventive Medicine
Postdoctoral FellowYale University, School of Public Health, Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases