Chongguang Yang


Dr. Yang is an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Epidemiological of Microbial Diseases with a research focus on tuberculosis. His research is dedicated to understanding how drug-resistant tuberculosis develops and spreads on both individual and community scale. He is currently focused on the transmission dynamics of multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis strains and the determinants from both bacterial and host aspects through multidisciplinary approaches including genomic and spatial analysis. His research program is funded by grants from NIH, NSFC and the Robert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust Award.


PhD Fudan University, Pathogenic Microbiology (2013)                  
BSc Sichuan University, Life Science/Biology Science (2008)
Postdoctoral Associate Yale University, School of Public Health, Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
International Post Doctoral Fellow Fudan University and University of California Global Health Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow Institute of Medical Microbiology, Fudan University